Thursday, July 31, 2008

Take over? and Krack baby update

Since Bryan has done all the hard work in setting up the blog and so faithfully blogged I thought I would join in the fun. I'm not sure I'll be any better at posting than him, but can I be any worse?

Just thought I would give an update on Krack baby. We had our 22 week appointment with Jimmy this morning. We went over the results of the ultrasound and all came back good. I was measuring at 22cm which is right on for 22 weeks. Jimmy and I also discussed the question about our due date. According to him and the internet my due date is November 29 and according to the ultrasound its December 6. Since that's exactly a week difference he decided not to change it but to play it by ear. So that means if I go over due he won't induce me for awhile unless there is medical reason. I then informed him of the Kraker baby's being 10 pounders. So I guess we will see what November brings.

Sorry there are no fun pictures with this post. I'm hoping I can scan in some ultrasound pics. Some of you have asked for belly shots too. I have only taken two so far, and I'm pretty self conscious about how big I am so we will see about posting them.