Monday, April 7, 2008

Sucker Fishing Success

It was a great weekend for sucker fishing in the Black River. Not only were the fish biting but the weather was warm and the sun was shinning, and when you put those two things together you get a perfect day to sit next to the river, drink some beer, and spend some quality time with your buddies. It’s what makes spring such a great time of year. Now I know that sucker aren’t the most desired fish to catch (as you can see from the pic), but it’s not about what kind of fish that your catching; it’s about the fact that your catching fish and having a great time doing it. Shooter (the other guy I was fishing with) said it best when he said, “you know your doing well when your fish to beer ratio is equal”.

This has been a salute to spring time; the gateway to summer!

5K update

Just an update:
The first week of training has been tough, but I have been staying strong in my dedication to working out and running (thanks to Katy). I am hitting the gym every other day for strength training (low weight high reps) and I have been running 3 miles every other day. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I ran three miles in 27 minutes and 30 seconds and then on Sunday I ran it in 26 minutes and 25 seconds. I have to thank Katy (Mic) for pushing me on Sunday; it resulted in shaving one minute off from my time.
One thing I do need to do is get my butt down to the shoe store and get me some new shoes. I have been running in my shoes from high school track. That means those puppies are more than 10 years old, and I can tell it from the pain I have in my knee. Its so bad that I was limping on Saturday and now I'm limping again today because of my other knee. Am I that old?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

5K goal

I am setting a goal for myself for you all to read. I would like to be able to run a 5k this spring in a time of 24 minutes. This is a pretty tough goal for me espeacially since I am now an old man at the age of 28.
Take a look at my stats (below) from when I was just a young lad at the ripe age of 24.
Kraker, Bryan HollandMI49423
OverallBibFinal TimeClassAgeGender
11216525:50Males 20 to 2424M
I intend to put myself on a pretty strict training schedule with the help of my trainer Mic (AKA my wife). On this schedule I plan to eat healthy, load up on plenty of proteins and carbs, and I will probably have to give up beer. I will also try to run at least three miles every morning and strength train in the gym at night for one month staight. Plus, there will be plenty Rocky theme music playing to keep me motivated.
Wish me luck!!!