Friday, September 23, 2011

2 month well child visit

Today we had Blair's 2 month well child visit and the first dreaded shots.  I'm happy to report that all is still well with our little peanut, and a little peanut she is.  She weighed a whopping 10lbs 6oz!  When I saw the weight for the first time I had to ask the nurse to try again!  That only put Blair in the 25th percentile for her weight.  Rogue had always been around the 75th percentile and for some reason I had just assumed Blair would be the same.  Blair was 22.75 inches and that put her in the 50-75th percentile so that wasn't a shock to her mama.  She handled the shots alright and of course Rogue and I felt terrible for her.  Rogue says she doesn't want any shots from the doctor.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Michigan's Adventure

Gentex has their annual Summer Picnic for their employees every year at Michigan's Adventure.  We brought the girls thinking that she would have a riot.  I however, was very skeptical.  Bryan insisted that she could have a good time.  I will gladly admit that I was very wrong.  This girl LOVED the rides.  She would say that they tickled her tummy.  There wasn't a ride in that park that she was allowed to go on that she didn't ride.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kraker Farm

I am happy to introduce to you the first members of the Kraker Family Farm.  In one day we purchased two Holland Lop bunnies and six Isa Brown Laying Chicks.

The black bunnies name is Jessica Rabbit (Jess for short) and the brown bunnies name is Bunny Holly (Holly for short).

The chicks I (Bryan) named are Booker T Washington and Peepy Le Pugh. Katy named the remaining four chicks after the golden girls: Blanche, Dorthy, Sophia, and Rose.

This is the beautiful house I built for my peeps.  It is where they will lay the eggs we harvest.

Project 2011

It is a project that has been a long time coming. Since we built our house back in 2005/2006, we have wanted to put on a deck. The problem is that there were always other projects that were more important, like putting in a lawn and pouring a cement approach.
Finally, this year was the year for the deck.  We took our tax return money and bought us some deck materials.  We decided to go with composite so we never have to power spray or stain.  Maintenance is not our strong suit so the less of it we have to do, the better off we are. 
Todd Wabeke and I worked on it during the week
after we got out of work so it took a couple of weeks to get it completed.  My Dad helped lay the decking one saturday and my borother Andrew stopped by a night or two to help out as well.

Thanks to everyone for the help.  The deck looks great and we love spending time on it.