Thursday, April 28, 2011

27 weeks

So here I am 27 weeks into pregnancy number two and I haven't given any updates. I told myself I was going to document this pregnancy just like Rogue's even though it was my second. I have been pretty good on paper but the blog however, has suffered.

Yesterday was the dreaded glucose test. I was hoping since my pregnancies have been so different that I would pass with flying colors. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Again, I failed and will have to do the three hour test soon. Everything else checked out fine, baby's heartbeat was 137, measuring a week big. I go back again for another check up in four weeks and then begin going every two weeks. I honestly can't believe I'm to this point already. I guess this means I should get going on the nursery!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sleeping in a Box

I guess if you don't have shades on the windows in your room and you're trying to take a nap in the afternoon, the only logical answer is to find the nearest box and fall asleep with your head in it.

Come on Mom, get me some shades on my windows.

Wood Stacking Helper

Rogue loves to help me stack wood in the garage. She helps carry wood off the pile onto the wagon and then we bring it up to the house where she helps me stack it on the rack in the garage.

Rogue's Big Girl Bed

Rouge also has a big girl bed now. Wow!!

Rogue is Growing Up

We have been trying to break her of her pipe habbit, but things seem to have only gotten worse.  Here dependancy on the pipe has doubled.  I don't think there is any hope; she is like a baby version of Charlie Sheen.

We have been trying some new grown up hair styles that will work with her curls.  We call this one "block head".

And this one is refered to as the spike.  We were going for the Wayne Static look but ended up with kind of a teletubby look. 

We started potty training and she has actually been successful a few times.  Good Job Rogue!!!

And other times we have not been so successful.  Way to take it seriously Rogue. 

We even purchased a larger pair of boots for her growing feet.  Looking Good!

It's a Girl!!!

On March 15, 2011 we found out that we are having another girl.  Our new baby checked out with a clean bill of health and didn't want to sit still for the ultra sound tech.  We are excited to welcome our new daughter and Rogues new sister to the family.  Her due date is July 29, 2011 and because Katy had a C-section last time, the doctor will not let her go past that date.  Now that you all know the sex, you probably can't wait for the name.  I will spare you the wait and let you know that it is going to be Rambo Sylvester Kraker.  Hope you like it.  Ha.