Monday, August 15, 2011

The first 3 weeks

I honestly can't believe Blair has been with us for just over 3 weeks now.  She fits so perfectly with our family that it feels she has been with us forever.  Blair is an amazing baby so far.  She sleeps the day away and most of the night.  The only issue at night is her eating.  This girl likes to eat!  She wakes every 2 hours (almost on the dot) for feedings. Since she (for the most part) goes right back down after a feeding its not so bad to be awake so often.  I try to get naps in when I can but Rogue doesn't always nap anymore, so it makes it a bit difficult.  You can definately tell that she is not a first born.  Bryan and I haven't taken near the amount of pictures we did of Rogue.  Poor Blair.  We also don't hold her like we did Rogue but that could be because she is very content to be in her swing.

Rogue has done very well with adjusting to not being the only child.  She doesn't pay Blair much attention but likes to know where she is at all times.  Rogue is also a bit protective of her.  When people hold Blair, Rogue usually asks repeatedly to hold her.  Its pretty cute.  Rogue has been such a good big sister.


Grandma Candi said...

What a beautiful family!!

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

looks like Rogue is sporting a perm