Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mother Sucker

April 1st is the opening day of sucker spearing and this year was a rare opportunity. By rare opportunity, I mean opening day landed on a Thursday and Chad and I both had off from work the next day for Good Friday so we didn't have to worry about staying out too late. Also, the river was low and clear because there hadn't been any snow melt or rain recently, and the final plus was that the temprature was a beautiful 70 degrees. How could you ask for a better situation? Usually, April 1st is poor weather and everyone has to be at work the next day so you don't want to stay out too late. Not to mention, the sucker aren't up stream far enough yet. That wasn't the case this year. The sucker were up in the masses. We probably speared nearly 60 fish that night and we were only out there for one and a half hours.
Just when everything seemed to be going perfect, my brother took a spear to the head. Yeah, thats right, I said a spear to the head. You might be thinking I can understand a spear to the foot, but how did he get a spear to the head? Well, his buddy went to sling a fish off his spear and when the fish flew off the spear the momentum carried the spear right into my brothers left eye brow. Needless to say our excellent spearing adventure was cut short because we had to bring my brother to the hospital where he recieved 5 stitches.
Ah memories, they are priceless!!


Robin said...

i'm glad the spear didn't fly just about a 1/2" lower! yikes!

Chad and Amber Kraker said...

I agree with Robin.

The Velderman's said...

That's a gross picture! Jordyn thinks it's cool that her uncle has 5 stitches just like her!

Carla said...

Thankful it wasn't worse.What is it with the Krakers getting stitches in the eyebrow?