Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who Goes Fishing During Deer Hunting Season?

The steelhead are in the Kalamazoo River! I felt it was about time to get a fish blog out there again. I know you guys have been missing it.
My neighbor Ted and I decided to go out fishing last Monday morning and it actually turned out to be quite a productive morning. While driving out to the river, I couldn't help but think to myself, "why am I waking up early to go sit in the cold and go fishing when I could be out in the woods waiting for a deer". Well, it turned out to be well worth missing a morning of deer hunting. We had two poles with Hot'n'Tots on them and two poles sporting one year old steelhead spawn that I tied while trolling up the river. The first two hits were on the spawn sacks and got us excited, but we reeled them in to find that they were just catfish (exciting and fun, but not what we were hoping for). The next two hits produced the two steelhead you see in the picture. They were also on the spawn sacks. Not the biggest steelhead, but they will taste just fine. Finally, we got one more hit, this time on a Hot'N'Tot. It turned out to be a nice size smallmouth bass. All in all, in was a fun morning.


The Velderman's said...

I sure am glad Katy took over the blog or we would have been waiting a VERY long time for a new post! Nice catches though!!

Grandma Candi said...

Good job Bryan! I see Hildee was checking them out too. Any closer and they would have been her dinner.

Ange said...

The next post I see on this blog better have a baby in it!!!

Grandma Candi said...

I will do an "Amen" to Agne's posting! I already lost at my guess!