Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two More Down

It has proven to be a successful start to the season. My dad took this nice seven point buck from the lucky, bank tree stand on Monday night October 5. It was about a 30 yard shot (to the power lines). If you take a close look at the picture, you will notice the shot was a little further back than preferred. Dad was hoping for a double lung shot and ended up with a beauty of a gut shot. Chad and Dad tracked blood for a little over a hundred yards before the trail disappeared and the sun went down. Needless to say the night ended in disappointment. The next morning I got a call from my dad saying he found the deer, ah relief. It was a couple hundred yards from the tree stand and reeked of gut shot. It was no treat dragging this monster up to the van, but the head mount will look nice on my wall.

I went quad riding in Manistee with some Friends on Saturday October 10. On the way up, I couldn’t help but think what a beautiful morning it was for hunting, and I could only imagine what I might be missing in the woods. We had a good time riding the trails, but I made sure the next morning that I was in that same lucky tree stand that has proven to be very productive. Around 9:00am this spike came walking in from behind me and presented an irresistible shot at 15 yards. I took the opportunity and put one right through the vitals. It only had 4” spikes, but it was a surprisingly large bodied deer. Good Times!


Chad and Amber Kraker said...

3.5 inch spikes, don't make this a fish story.