Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday Buck

October 21, 2010. Chad turns 29 and gives me a present.

We met in the bank parking lot at 5:30pm. I gave Chad an ear piece for his phone as a birthday present (really more of a present for me and dad), and then we had the normal discussion of who is going to sit where. We decided a flip was in order. No one had a coin on them so we flipped the doberman keychain I had on my car keys. Head up, I go to the top stand (hotspot); head down, I go to the lower stand. The head was down so I went out to the lower stand.

About an hour went by and 4 deer came in from the south. Two button bucks came in right under my stand and the two doe that were with them were a little more reluctant to come in. They stood about 70 yards out watching with their noses in the air. After about 10 minutes of me being in statue mode hoping these deer didn't bust me, they turned around and walked off.

No more than 10 minutes later, I heard a bunch of commotion across the creek. It looked like a buck was chasing some doe around (I assume the same doe I had seen earlier). I heard them crash across the river and seen the buck start heading up toward Chad. The entire time Chad and I were in communication on our nextels. Chad told me the deer was coming back down toward me and sure enough, there it was coming straight at me from the north.

It got to the same spot I shot my turkey this fall (25 yards) and I shot. It arched its back up and just kept walking. It came into another opening at 25 yards and I managed to shoot it again. After finding the deer 50 yards from my stand, we noticed one shot was double lung and the other was a gut shot. I'm not sure which was the first and which was the second, but it doesn't matter to me. I got my first 8 point deer!!