Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bow Hunting Seasons Here!!

It has been a pretty good start to the 2010 bow hunting season, kinda. What I mean by kinda is that there have already been two deer that were never found. I shot a doe behind my house in early doe season and had a great blood trail until it got to the cornfield. And my brother and I both shot one opening morning at the bank. I shot a doe (from the hotspot) and he shot a spike (in the lower stand). Chad's shot was pretty decent and we had a good blood trail for a while and my shot was one that I should have not taken. That is all the detail I will give you on that.

On October 2, Saturday night, Chad shot this 3 point and it didn't go more than 60 yards. He was sitting in the hotspot at the bank.

The very next morning, Sunday October 3, I sat in the same stand and shot this doe. The doe came in from the north with 3 other deer (2 fawns and another doe) and walked right under my treestand. Once they were to the south of me about 20 yards, I made some noise to get her to turn broadside and give me a shot (so I didn't make the same mistake I did on opening day). She turned just enough and I put it right behind her shoulder.

If two deer from the same stand in consecutive days isn't enough, my dad's friend from work sat in the hotspot on Monday night, October 4, and shot an eight point. I guess you know why it's called the hotspot.
(Bob's on the left and Chad's on the right)


Chad and Amber Kraker said...

Correction-- It didn't go 60 yards, it went 19.