Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Love Fall Hunting

Tuesday, October 12, I went out deer hunting at the bank, and in no more than a half hour of sitting in the lower treestand, I found myself surrounded by turkies. The biggest one of the group presented itself at 25 yards and I decided to take the shot. It's not what I hoping for, but it's meat on the table. I only seen two deer later that night. One was a button buck and the other was a fawn.

Thursday, October 14, I was heading out with all intentions of sitting in the lower stand at the bank. On the way out there, I heard a bunch of noise coming from the "hotspot" stand. Thinking it was deer, I went to investigate. It turned out that it was just a bunch of squirrels, but since I was already over there I figured I would sit there for the night.

At about 7:30pm, when it was getting dark and I had pretty much given up hope of seeing anything, this 3pt half rack came walking in on the hill behind me chasing some doe's around. I quick changed my pin to 30 yards, and just before he walked in to the woods behind me, he gave me a perfect 30 yard shot, and even though it was hard to see through my peep site with the diminishing light, I managed to get a double lung shot in.

Chad came to help track him,and we found a good blood trail. About 150 yards later, there he was. It was an exciting night!


The Velderman's said...

Did you make a mess in the clean garage?? Just kidding!

Congrats on the kills!!! Should be a stocked freezer this year :-)